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Forest Law a recipe for conflict: Honiara lawyer

The legal framework used by landowners to negotiate commercial forestry deals has been more trouble than it's worth. This is the view of a Honiara lawyer with experience in natural resource litigation.

"Cases where logging actually contributes to community advancement are very few," says Philip Tagini, a partner in the firm Global Lawyers. "The framework for harvesting forestry creates more conflicts and frictions among communities - and particularly tribal members - than is justified by the economic gains."

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'Trespass' case reveals SI forest enforcement in disarray

A dispute between two foreign timber firms over a logging concession on Santa Isabel Island has turned into a protracted legal battle that highlights weaknesses in the Solomon Islands government's ability to enforce its own sovereign law.

Now in its 23rd month before the High Court, what began as a simple claim of 'trespass' has produced a string of court orders and a contempt-of-court action alleging that illegal logging continued in defiance of these orders.

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