Fiji Islanders face their spirit of fear

Fijians living in Australia are lobbying foreign diplomats here in an effort to make life as hard as possible for the military government. Telinga Media reports on the activities of the Sydney-based expatriate movement.

On 5 June, the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement travelled to Canberra to picket a number of high commissions and embassies. First stop was the Fiji High Commission to present a petition; from there they demonstrated in front of the Indian High Commission and the embassy of the Peoples' Republic of China, whose governments they accuse of supporting and bankrolling the regime.

Last stop was the South Korean embassy, where they requested that South Korea impose the same travel bans as Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These bans prevent military personnel and their immediate families from entering these countries.

The staging post for these protests was 24 May when 300 Fiji Islanders marched to Hyde Park in Sydney for a rally. Telinga Media was there and prepared this report.

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