Forest Resources

Landholders Grow Rice

The boat trip from Kia village through the narrow passages between the mainland and Barora Ite Island eventually spills onto expanses of coral, sometimes too shallow to pass inshore. From the open sea, coconut groves line the ever changing water line, from mangroves to sandy beach and back to mangroves again.

First HarvestCompared to the north coast of Santa Isabel, this stretch on the way to the Allardyce tract is relatively free of log camps. Obscured by a small island, the camp at Ruruma is visible by the logs stacked at the water’s edge. But there is little activity. In March 2008 - barely a month after they had started their logging operations - Ruruma Development Company (RDC) and its logging partner Mega Enterprises were told to cease all logging in an adjacent area owned by the Isabel provincial government.

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