Remote Cape York painters take the journey to global market

Remote Cape York painters take the journey to global market

freshwater-meeks-captionThe crowds who thronged the shipping terminal at last month's Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) were treated to much of what the 15 community art centres across Far North Queensland had to offer.

But the high point of the arts calendar is only three days in the year. Before their exposure in August, artists a long way from Cairns were refining their skills in workshops run by a Cairns-based arts organisation - UMI Arts. Like the ones led by contemporary Aboriginal artist Arone Meeks at the New Mapoon and Yarrabah art centres earlier this year.

His time spent working with artists at New Mapoon at the tip of Cape York helped eight of them from the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) put on their own exhibition in Cairns. A number of them continued to have their works displayed during the CIAF.

But how did these artists make it from remote art centre to international art fair in the same year?

Arone Meeks spoke to Telinga Media about his visit to New Mapoon and his role as a teacher to the next wave of CIAF exhibiting artists.




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