Blood, Faith & Fire

Violent persecution is usually associated with hi-tech weapons, autocratic governments and power-drunk warlords. But from where does this aggression originate? Many societies - on the surface stable - survive on a permanent state of violence or its threat within the family home. Of all the heavy responsibilities placed on women, providing target-practice for their abusive husbands is the most unwelcome.

Some societies and their governments talk about domestic violence more than others but like HIV and child abuse, it remains a profoundly taboo topic. This is why Telinga Media is opening its pages to the many unheard voices. We hope that honest talk can lead to less individual suffering and stronger communities.

The stories presented here focus on Papua New Guinea. None of them suggest that the problem is any worse in PNG than elsewhere in the region - or the world. But one human rights group has been moved recently to run a campaign in this country. Nor are governments off-the-hook. The PNG government will have to give an account of itself at a United Nations meeting next month.

The accounts you'll hear in these reports reflect on family violence over more than thirty years. Read, listen and reflect - then add your comments to the forum Tok Melanesia.

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